About travel ...

After having spent far too many hours (days! weeks?!) folded, compressed, and crammed into the vice jaws called 'seats' on airplanes, waiting in lounges competing to win the award 'dullest lounge on the planet', in smokey, sticky taxis whose drivers seem to qualify by missing the driving licence test as many times as possible, at hotel registration desks where the sport of the day is to lose as many reservations as possible, and just trying to make my way to the next conference or meeting, that is really just an excuse to have lots of beer, and socialise as much as possible, I have come to recognise a few warning signs that you're really getting near the limit for travel overdose. Below you will find the most pressing ones.

You know you're travelling too much, when ...

Should you find yourself suffering from travel OD, and still have your wits about you regarding how it happened – please contact me, and let others benefit from your example.


Special thanks to Patrik Fältström, Dave Crocker, Michael Mealling, Håkan Madsen, Ed Lewis, Kurtis Lindqvist, Suzanne Woolf, Marco Hogewoning, and Eddie Hönig.

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